Otto Von Schirach, half Cuban Native Indian half German Anunnaki wolf, was born in the 3rd point of the Bermuda Triangle, Miami. Some people say he was dropped into the triangle by a UFO or arrived in a Gravitron. As a child, his grandmother practiced Santeria, White Magic and the supernatural arts. She raised him to open his eyes to the strange and bizarre paranormal and to practice magic with God. Otto grew up in an area known as Tre Duece Ave. where the kids followed heavy Miami Bass and Cuban Tropical music. This Flamingo Prince started to DJ in 1990 at age 12 for school dances and house parties. In 1991 Otto bought his first drum machine and immediately he recognized his passion for cosmic diamond soaked kick drums. This is how Otto found his galactic music home.

Take Earth Wave Surf Electro Bass Tropical calypso Dubstep Broken Noise Grind, IDM Folk Glitch, Breakcore orchestral Gabber, mix them all together and what you get? Otto Von Schirach and a magic super nova of sound waves. Otto began touring with a super dynamite Occult Space Age theatrical show, He gained buzz across the planet, nebula, and beyond. This Bass Warrior landed thousands of concerts around the globe, and began to work on projects with Venetian Snares, Skinny Puppy, Modeselektor, Blowfly, Miss Kitten, Cevin Key, GUT, Doormouse, Debbie D, Jose El Rey, and many more. The music Mania struck deals all over earth, one with Mike Patton’s Ipecac Records a unique 4 GB Sound Library for Fixed Noise and Native Instruments entitled OTTO.

This is the time, time, the very beginning! As a Miami Knight and leader of the Sound Barrier he was crowned King of the Bermuda Triangle. With his new title he started the Triangle Family with Mr. Feather and Alligator Jesus as well as the record label, TRIANGLE EARTH. In the recent years Otto has become more involved in the professional art world via FriendsWithYou and experimental fine arts group TM Sisiters.

Ottos compositions for video artworks have been exhibited and purchased by museums and galleries across the Americas. Otto has also flexed his acting muscles by starring in the B film Death Print created and directed by Aiden Dillard. Currently working on collaborations with Blowfly, Venetian Snares, Dino Felipe, Cevin Key and a long awaited solo record in 2011.

Von Schirach’s latest art effort was a collaboration with Blowfly and his brother, Egon, on a short film titled Pineal Warriors and music video for “Supermeng”. Commissioned by the folks at Borscht Film Festival, using part of a Knight Arts Foundation grant, the short centers around the reptilian Anunnaki taking Blowfly hostage as they attempt to claim Miami and the Bermuda Triangle for themselves. Pineal Warriors was shot in September and October of 2012 all over Miami. It also features the 305’s filthiest puppet, Pepe Billete, as well as musical experimenters CX Kidtronik and Mr. Feathers. Several key parts of both videos were shot at Wynwood’s Dorsch Gallery, Coral Castle, and 1415 Studios.

3D Artist: Saeed Khatibi
VFX and Editing: Sajjad Khatibi
Music: Otto von Schirach